What drove me to write the Jensen series?

The first inspiration for my Jensen series is my fondness for Copenhagen where I was born. I love the contrast between the ‘wonderful Copenhagen’ that tourists see and the darker sides of the city that also exist.

To explore this for non-native readers, I created the main character Jensen, a reporter who returns home after years abroad. An outsider, she shows us everything that is new and different about Copenhagen – and bonds with those also living on the periphery of the city.

My second inspiration for the series is my long career as a Danish journalist, which has coincided with the decline of the newspaper industry. Investigative journalism is expensive and, regrettably, now rare. I like to think of Jensen as one of the last of her breed.

The series starts when Jensen discovers a body in the snow in a picturesque street favoured by visitors. This puts her back in touch with the married love of her life, Detective Inspector Henrik Jungersen of Copenhagen Police.

Jensen’s methods are unorthodox, while Henrik is bound by rules, but, again and again, they find that they cannot get to the truth without each other. I created Gustav, Jensen’s loud-mouthed and unruly teenage apprentice, to puncture the tension between them.

Each book is a standalone mystery, but over the series, I will reveal the secrets of the recurring characters, chief among them Jensen whose own story will turn out more twisted and surprising than the ones she investigates.

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