Scene of crime

I go to Copenhagen as often as I can, walking the streets, eating the food and eavesdropping on people chatting and telling each other stories. For my third novel, Back from the Dead (out April 2024), I even got a friend to take me out into the harbour on his boat, so I could check […]

Writing On The Dark Side

Most of my ideas are sparked by places that evoke a sense of darkness and mystery in me. A few of the stories in my collection Last Train to Helsingør are set in spooky, wood-panelled apartments in Copenhagen, but any location might set me off. My story The Chanterelles of Østvig unfolds in a secluded pine plantation […]

City of my dreams

One of the many beauties of Copenhagen is its compact size. You can walk or cycle anywhere and the metro system is fabulous. One of the journeys made by Jensen is from her fictional newspaper office on City Hall Square to ‘Borgen’ (Christiansborg), made famous by the eponymous TV series. On the way, she crosses […]

Creepy Copenhagen

When you think of Copenhagen, you may think of canals, ice-cold Carlsberg, bicycles and high-end foodie restaurants. I, on the other hand, think of shadowy wood-panelled rooms, deserted streets, creepy mansions, and the darkness that lurks behind the pretty picture. Why? Read the full article

Home is where the dark heart is

Copenhagen sparks my imagination like no other place on earth. I was born there and – though we moved away when I was just six – spent most holidays in the Copenhagen homes of my grandmothers throughout my school years. Those houses, and the castles, churches, shops, fairgrounds, museums and neighbourhoods I was taken to, […]

The long way home

As I settled in Britain, I had kids and made friends, and there is probably a part of me that wanted to use fiction as a means of showing them where I come from in a language we share. But, more than that, I’ve realised that writing in English about my home country lets me […]

Jensen is on the case

Why Jensen? Edged by Nielsen and trailed by Hansen, Jensen (son of Jens) is the most common surname in Denmark, shared by about 5% of the population. My reporter sleuth Jensen, a woman, finds that people assume from her by-line in the newspaper Dagbladet that she is a man. I like the ambiguity, and that Jensen is […]

The long game

I was strictly a short story writer. Until lockdown happened. Stuck for months in my London flat with nowhere to go, except daily walks, and an enormous TBR pile which had curiously lost its appeal, I soon found myself with a finished draft for my debut novel, ‘My Name is Jensen’. Read the full article