Back from the dead

A missing person … a headless corpse … Jensen is on the case.

June, and as Copenhagen swelters under record temperatures, a headless corpse surfaces in the murky harbour, landing a new case on the desk of DI Henrik Jungersen, just as his holiday is about to start.

Elsewhere in the city, Syrian refugee Aziz Almasi, driver to Esben Nørregaard MP has vanished. Fearing a link to shady contacts from his past, Nørregaard appeals to crime reporter Jensen to investigate.

Could the body in the harbour be Aziz? Jensen turns to former lover Henrik for help. As events spiral dangerously out of control, they are thrown together once more in the pursuit of evil, in a case more twisted and, more dangerous than they could ever have imagined.

‘Immersive, atmospheric and chock-full of characters you want to spend time with’ Marisa Haetzman

‘Fresh, assured, page-turningly brilliant’ Abir Mukherjee

The Girl in the photo

When ninety-year-old Irene Valborg is found brutally murdered in an affluent suburb of Copenhagen, her diamond necklace missing, it looks like a burglary gone wrong.  As two more victims are attacked, the police lament a rise in violence against the elderly, but who is the young girl in the photo found at the crime scenes? Impatient to claim her inheritance, Irene’s daughter hires reporter Jensen and her teenage apprentice Gustav to find the necklace. DI Henrik Jungersenfinds himself once more pitched  against Jensen in a quest for the truth  – the one woman in Copenhagen he is desperate to avoid.

“A brilliantly clever novel that should not be missed.” Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

“Draws you in from the first page. An excellent Nordic Noir.” Lilja Sigurðardóttir

My Name is Jensen

Guilty. One word on a beggar’s cardboard sign. And now he is dead, stabbed in a wintry Copenhagen street, the second homeless victim in as many weeks. Dagbladet reporter Jensen, stumbling across the body on her way to work, calls the only person she can think of – DI Henrik Jungersen, her married ex-lover.  
The front page is an open goal, but nothing feels right… When a third body turns up, it seems certain that a serial killer is on the loose. But why pick on the homeless? And is the link to an old murder case just a coincidence? With her teenage apprentice Gustav, Jensen soon finds herself putting everything on the line to discover exactly who is guilty.

‘Compelling, atmospheric and beautifully written, Scandi Noir has a new star’ Louise Welsh

‘A brilliant debut from an author in full possession of the crime writing craft. Heidi Amsinck is hopefully here to stay’ Yrsa Sigurdardottir

‘Intriguing and hypnotically readable’  Andrew Taylor

Last Train to Helsingør

Copenhagen is a mysterious city where strange and sinister things often happen. Menacing and at times darkly humorous, there are echoes of Roald Dahl and Daphne du Maurier in this collection of nineteen stories, many of which were originally commissioned for BBC Radio 4. From the commuter who bitterly regrets falling asleep on a late-night train in Last Train to Helsingør, to the mushroom hunter prepared to kill to guard her secret in The Chanterelles of Østvig. Here, the land of hygge becomes one of twilight and shadows. 
A great collection of eerie, unnerving stories. In equal measures charming and creepy’ Will Dean
A nice slice of creepy Scandi-noir’ Daily Mail